Petrocalc Corporation

MICA is "user friendly" when importing data and easily customized.  99% of all labels in MICA are user changeable.  So changing "Other 1 Price" to "NGL [$/gal]" is simply a mouse click away.

Further demonstrating its great versatility, MICA can calculate expenses and taxes on any number of bases such as:  % of Oil Revenue, % of Gas Revenue, % of Water Revenue, % of Other 1 Revenue, % of Other 2 Revenue, $/BBL of Oil, $/MCF of Gas, $/BBL of Water, $/Unit of Other 1, $/Unit of Other2, $/Month, and $/Well. In addition, you can enter prices, expenses, taxes and ownership interests month-by-month, escalated using an number of steps, as a constant value, or set to a default data set.

You can set up any number of different ownership perspectives and by simply selecting an owner from a list, evaluate economics for that owner.

MICA possesses some very powerful compositing capabilities.  Once you define a group of leases or wells, you can perform various operations on that group.  For example, you can add (or subtract - for incremental economics) production history, production forecasts, economic data and combine P/Z versus cumulative data.  You can also modify the prices, expenses, taxes, etc. on all member leases in a "batch" mode.

You can also have MICA analyze the production history of each member lease or well in the composite group in a batch mode and project production using the best fit Arps decline curve equations.  Graphs and reports can also be printed in a batch mode.

MICA calculates twenty five different, user specified net present values, more than enough to produce a smooth graph of Discout Rate Versus Net Present Value as shown below.

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