Petrocalc Corporation

MICA Compatible Statewide Databases

Now MICA compatible databases are available that contain all wells and oil and gas production history on file for a given state.  You can download these databases below at no cost.  MICA version 3.40 or later is required to use the databases.

File Size
File Date
 AK 12MB 4/11/2016  
 CA 200MB
 OK 55MB
 UT 27MB
 WV 87MB

To download the database installation file, click on the desired state and then save the file to your PC.  When it has finished downloading, run the file.  The installation will place the state database in MICA's base data folder titled with the state abbreviation - usually C:\User\Public\Public Documents\MCSI\.  To use the database you must select this new folder using the Utilities/Directories menu item from MICA's main toolbar and set the Data Directory to the desired state.